Indiana Bankruptcy, Creditors’ Rights, Litigation and Business Attorneys

For more than four decades we have been serving clients throughout Indiana in matters including bankruptcy, creditors’ rights, litigation, and business matters.  Our attorneys are experienced in providing strategic counsel and aggressive representation in all aspects of commercial law.

We combine proven litigation and negotiation skills with an in-depth understanding of complex legal issues to obtain positive results for our clients. We offer creative fee structures, including collections on a contingent-fee basis.

Our Practice Areas

Our primary practice areas include the following:

Outcome-Focused Solutions               

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We focus on seeking to achieve the desired outcomes of clients.  This means that the best solution may for a client may be to achieve a favorable negotiated settlement early in a matter, rather than spending time and money in seeking to win at trial. In other cases, such as a collection and creditors’ right matter, the focus will usually be on maximizing the value of the recovery, and in taking prompt actions so that asset values do not deteriorate.

Regardless of your matter, we stand ready to help in vigorously pursuing your goals and objectives.